How to Live a Simple Life


Whether you live on a farm or in the city, there are ways that you can simplify your life and live with less stress and more of those good old fashioned values. Sometimes it can be hard to keep your pace when everything else moves so fast, but it is definitely a fight worth fighting. I found an article on Little House Living this week called 14 Steps Towards Simpler Living, and I absolutely agree with all of it and wanted to share some of the points that really caught my attention. A  lot of ... [ Read More ]

10 Indoor Kids Activities for Old Fashioned Fun

noodle race track

With all of the electronics and technology available, it can be sometimes hard to get the kids out of their rooms and away from their electronics for good old fashioned fun. If you're looking for some fun ideas to help your kids learn and have fun, check out these 10 fun activities. ... [ Read More ]

5 Old Fashioned Skills Everyone Should Have


Living the old fashioned, off-the-grid, homesteading lifestyle is definitely not for everyone. But, whether you are living in a loft in the city or a farmhouse in the country, there are some skills that everyone could benefit from having. Not only will these almost-forgotten skills help save money, but they are healthier too! Breadmaking This might seem like an odd skill to list, as you can buy premade bread for pretty cheap. But even if you get your bread from a bakery, nothing is as good ... [ Read More ]

How To Have an Old Fashioned Valentines Day


Well, February might not be here yet, but the stores are already bedecked out in red and pink in preparation for Valentine's Day. And, while I am as much of a fan of all that chocolate as any other girl, I can't help but feel like a lot of the romance is lost with the commercialization of the most romantic day of the year. If you're looking for some ways to help make your Valentine's Day even more romantic and old-fashioned than ever, then check out these tips for an affordable, fun and of ... [ Read More ]

Top 10 Coolest Vintage Kitchens


I just love looking at vintage things, and my most recent favorite has been vintage and vintage-inspired kitchens. While I love my modern appliances and their reliability, there is something both romantic and beautiful about old-fashioned kitchens. Here are some of my favorites!                   ... [ Read More ]

Natural Benefits of Hot Herbal Tea


When it's cold and dreary outside (like it is today), my favorite thing is to curl up with a nice cup of hot tea and a book and just relax. As it turns out, tea is not only relaxing and yummy, but actually really good for you! Many teas have some excellent flu-fighting abilities as well as many other health benefits! Here are some of my favorite teas, along with a brief explanation of why they are good for you: ... [ Read More ]

Free Homesteading Classes


Whether you've been homesteading and living off the grid for years or you're still new to the idea of sustainable, old-fashioned living there are always more things to learn and problems to be solved. While you can learn a lot from researching at the library or on the internet, sometimes you just need someone to explain it to you (or, at least, I do!). Mother Earth News has a whole page devoted to free classes aimed at homesteaders living around the country. Topics include Preparedness, ... [ Read More ]

Biodegradable Seed Starting Containers


  It might seem a little early for thinking about summer gardening, but with January already nearly halfway through, the time for seeding and planting is sneaking up! Where I live, you really ought to have it started by the beginning of March, so you can bet I've been thinking on what I'm going to plant this year and whether I want to do a container garden or something that takes a bit more work! I have both started my seeds early and planted them straight in the ground once it ... [ Read More ]

7 Prepackaged Supermarket Foods To Make At Home


In my opinion, prepackaged foods are probably one of the most pointless things that you can possibly buy at the grocery store because most of it you can make on your own at home for half the price, with healthier ingredients and far less waste! I recently read a blog post on Attainable-Sustainable that listed out 10 foods that you shouldn't ever buy from the supermarket, and I wanted to share some of her list of ridiculous supermarket products with you and add a few of my own. ... [ Read More ]