Best Tips to Store Home Canning Jars

Best Tips for Storing Home Canning Jars

  Once you pull your food out of the canner, you might assume the job is done, that your canning is safe and that food borne illnesses are no longer possible. But there are still some Canning storage best practices to keep in mind as you get ready to store your food. Where not to Store your Canning Jars A lot of people talk about using walk in closets, under bed storage, and a variety of other creative places to store their food. While that might seem like a great idea to use these ... [ Read More ]

Green Thumb Series Part 3- How Planting Zone and Weather Affects your Garden

How Planting Zone and Weather Affects your Garden

This is an ongoing series, Part 1 is here, Part 2 is here. As a green thumb you need to know what you can plant, when you can plant it, and how to give certain plants special care if the growing zone is not quite right for it. Each plant has its own specific requirements some are pickier than others, and some very hardy and can tolerate just about anything. Learning what you can plant is only one part of the equation, you must also learn when to plant it. Planting Zones There are several ... [ Read More ]

Green Thumb Series – Part 2 Finding the Right Location

Green Thumb Series - Part 2 Finding the Right Location

As we discussed in part 1 of the green thumb series soil can almost always be amended to make it viable for growing a garden. What is more difficult is finding the right location for your garden. While gardening of some type can be done almost anywhere, there are plenty of variables that can affect where and what you grow. Plants need 3 things in order to grow, light, water, and good dirt. The location you choose for your garden can be watered, the soil can be amended but you must consider ... [ Read More ]

Green Thumb Series – Part 1 Making Sure You Have Good Soil

Green Thumb Series - Part 1 Making Sure You Have Good Soil

  I hear the term I have a brown thumb from people all the time. I would hear it a lot when people would stop to admire my gardens, and ask me how I did it. I never really knew what to say to them, and when people would comment on what a green thumb I had, I would wonder what makes me different than everyone else. I suspect that growing plants is a lot like art, the secret is that anyone can do it, if they take the time to learn how. This series is dedicated to all of the things that ... [ Read More ]

Facts About Using Pectin in Jam

Facts About Pectin Used in Making Jam

  Most people just add pectin to their jams without giving it much thought. While we all know that this powder or liquid thickens our jams how many know why or what happens when things go wrong? While it is ok to take this important little package for granted, knowing a bit more about pectin will ensure more consistent results when it is time to make jam and will also offer you some options you might not know you have. What is Pectin? The answer to that question can either be very ... [ Read More ]

7 Must Have Bread Baking Secrets For Perfect Bread Every Time

7 Must Have Bread Baking Secrets

  If you thought that yeast bread recipes were forever beyond you, then this post is for you. Like anything else you try in the kitchen making successful bread is a blend of the right knowledge and a little bit of practice. I learned to bake bread in a bakery of a restaurant, it was very intimidating but with the right tricks and someone to guide me, I picked it up right away.  There are a number of bread secrets you should use as you bake bread that will give you consistent results time ... [ Read More ]

Demystifying Water Bath Canning

Demystifying Water Bath Canning

  You would not believe the number of people I encounter over a year that still do not understand the difference between water bath canning  and pressure canning. There is an equal number of people who still do not know what is safe to can in a water bath canner and what is not. Here are a few facts about water bath canning that should hopefully clear up the confusion. What IS the Difference Between Water Bath Canning and Pressure Canning? To put it simply a water bath canner cans at ... [ Read More ]

45 Unique Ways to Decorate Eggs

45 Unique Ways to Decorate Eggs

Note: If there is one thing I have discovered while preparing for this article, there are as many ways to decorate eggs for Easter as there are pictures to draw on paper. I have tried to stick to simple ideas that let your creativity flow. Most of these ideas are based on a concept rather than a project with a specific goal. I hope you enjoy these ideas. If you color your eggs year after year, it is easy to get tired of the same old thing. Fortunately there are dozens of different ways to ... [ Read More ]

Recovering and Passing on Lost Skills

Recovering and Passing on Lost Skills

  As a culture we tend to live in the moment. While in one sense this is not a bad thing, when living in the moment means not thinking about potential outcomes in our future, we are at risk of leaving our children ill-prepared to meet their future. History shows that disasters do happen, and when they do, will future generations have the skills they need to weather those disasters? I have heard so many people say, that will never happen…. Perhaps not in our lifetime, but eventually? ... [ Read More ]