Tips for Urban/Apartment Homesteading


A lot what we discuss on Old Fashioned Families is the more traditional kind of homesteading--meant for those who are living on their own plot of land, usually a little ways away from the city. But there are many different kinds of homesteading, and living out in the country isn't necessary to be considered a homesteader! Today, I wanted to share some tips with you about becoming an urban or apartment homesteader. It's not quite the same as if you owned your own farm, but don't be ... [ Read More ]

Homesteading Journal: Spring Prepping


There are a lot of things that go into keeping a homestead in good shape, and there's almost always work to do. If you've never lived in the country or ran your own homestead, you might be surprised at the extensive list of projects that your average homesteader keeps going in the back of their mind! This month, we'll get a sneak peek at the spring to-do list of longtime homesteader and forum member, Gina, who has a beautiful homestead in Southern Texas where there are always more projects ... [ Read More ]

Budget Homesteading Supplies


I'm decent at budgeting, but like everyone, there are times when things just don't go according to plan: an unexpected expense comes up or I miss a receipt somewhere and end up with mystery money disappearing from my account. So, obviously, it's important to make every dollar count, especially if you're trying to be self-sustaining or simply live a little more simply. Over at Imperfectly Happy, I read this fantastic blog post outlining Dollar Store Home Supplies, and I just had to share it ... [ Read More ]

Homemade Windshield De-Icer


This winter has been a rough one for some places in the US and further north, and I doubt we've seen the last of winter. Where I live, we're getting the first big snow of the year this week, so I thought I'd post a quick recipe for a homemade and chemical-free de-icer for your windshield! You can either use this the night before or spray on top of the ice to help it melt a little faster when you warm your car up in the morning. ... [ Read More ]

Biodegradable Seed Starting Containers


  It might seem a little early for thinking about summer gardening, but with January already nearly halfway through, the time for seeding and planting is sneaking up! Where I live, you really ought to have it started by the beginning of March, so you can bet I've been thinking on what I'm going to plant this year and whether I want to do a container garden or something that takes a bit more work! I have both started my seeds early and planted them straight in the ground once it ... [ Read More ]

Homesteading Journal: The Simple Life Isn’t So Simple


Note from Liz E: Here at Old Fashioned Families, we like to get thoughts, opinions and contributions from our readers. Today, we have an article written by Gina talking all about her personal homesteading paradise. Gina has been an active member of the OFF forums since 2010, and has been living the 'good life' for several years at her farm in southern Texas. Here's a peek at her slice of the 'simple life.' ... [ Read More ]

Green Thumb Series Part 3- How Planting Zone and Weather Affects your Garden

How Planting Zone and Weather Affects your Garden

This is an ongoing series, Part 1 is here, Part 2 is here. As a green thumb you need to know what you can plant, when you can plant it, and how to give certain plants special care if the growing zone is not quite right for it. Each plant has its own specific requirements some are pickier than others, and some very hardy and can tolerate just about anything. Learning what you can plant is only one part of the equation, you must also learn when to plant it. Planting Zones There are several ... [ Read More ]

Green Thumb Series – Part 2 Finding the Right Location

Green Thumb Series - Part 2 Finding the Right Location

As we discussed in part 1 of the green thumb series soil can almost always be amended to make it viable for growing a garden. What is more difficult is finding the right location for your garden. While gardening of some type can be done almost anywhere, there are plenty of variables that can affect where and what you grow. Plants need 3 things in order to grow, light, water, and good dirt. The location you choose for your garden can be watered, the soil can be amended but you must consider ... [ Read More ]

Green Thumb Series – Part 1 Making Sure You Have Good Soil

Green Thumb Series - Part 1 Making Sure You Have Good Soil

  I hear the term I have a brown thumb from people all the time. I would hear it a lot when people would stop to admire my gardens, and ask me how I did it. I never really knew what to say to them, and when people would comment on what a green thumb I had, I would wonder what makes me different than everyone else. I suspect that growing plants is a lot like art, the secret is that anyone can do it, if they take the time to learn how. This series is dedicated to all of the things that ... [ Read More ]